Samarium Fluoride SmF3

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Samarium Fluoride(SmF3), Purity≥99.9%
CAS No.: 13765-24-7
Molecular Weight: 207.35
Melting point: 1306 °C 

Samarium (III) Fluoride (SmF3), or samarium trifluoride, is a crystalline ionic compound which is slightly hygroscopic. It is widely used as Laboratory reagents, optical fiber doping, laser materials, fluorspar light-emitting materials, optical fiber, optical coating materials, and electronic materials.
Samarium Fluoride has specialized uses in glass, phosphors, lasers, and thermoelectric devices. Samarium-doped Calcium Fluoride crystals were used as an active medium in one of the first solid-state lasers designed and constructed. One of the most important applications of Samarium.For example,cobalt magnets, which have a nominal composition of SmCo5 or Sm2Co17. These magnets are found in small motors, headphones, and high-end magnetic pickups for guitars and related musical instruments.

Samarium (III) Fluoride is often used as:
- laboratory reagents
- optical fiber doping, optical coating materials
- laser materials
- fluorspar light-emitting materials
- electronic materials

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